Materiality- Cast Glass and Blown Glass in variety of colours, textures and translucencies.
Product Types- Vases, Bowls, Plaques, Sculptures, Table Artworks, Chandeliers, Panels.


Glass is desired by many people, as much for its aesthetic appeal as for its functionality. Its qualities of transparency and translucency add sparkle to it. These, together with its property of formability into extensively versatile shapes and endless colour palette render glass as one of the most sought after medium for interior décor and artwork. It is an exceedingly desirable medium to innovate and make contemporary designs that see no bounds.


Our Astral Desires collection imbibes this innovativeness in design and aesthetics. Various techniques of glass moulding like cast-glass, hand blown glass and mouth blown glass are used to shape amazing art forms. Further, finishing techniques like double layering, hand etching, carving, etc. present endless variety to the Patrons. The limitless possibilities offered by this versatile medium allow individuals to select artwork and décor items in colors and designs of their liking.



Process that realizes Your Astral Desires