Our patrons are our stars, and their unique desires are very special to us. At Craft Desires, we are always keen to satisfy their specific needs.


Our Customized Orders complement our standard offerings by giving an opportunity to our patrons to customize the product and pattern as per their requirement and desire, wherein there is no limitation to the modification or specificity desired. The specificity intended may range from a specialized order for a corporate souvenir with company logo to a major architectural commission for stone work.



Customization possibilities in Royal Desires

  • Various shapes and sizes of products.
  • Patterns mix and match.
  • Pattern colour choices.
  • Option of inlay work on plaques and trays.
  • New designs of sculptures.
  • Choice of other high quality marbles from Italy and Australia .

Customization Possibilities in Earthy Desires Range

  • Choice of design and size for interior décor accessories.
  • Choice of design and size for garden and landscape décor.
  • Choice of material (i.e. multiplicity of stones) available.
  • Custom designs for panels and basins.

Customization possibilities in Bulk Order of Eternal Desires Range

  • Various colours and finishes of available designs.
  • Different sizes of available designs.
  • New shapes, sizes, and forms of products.
  • Option of 24-carat gold, silver and nickel plating.

Customization Possibilities in Astral Desires Range

  • Custom design (shape and size) of exquisite cast glass sculptures.
  • Custom design (shape and size) of unique glass art pieces and artifacts.
  • Different sizes and colors of glass vases, bowls or decorative pieces that are mass produced (only on minimum bulk quantities).