Materiality- Building Stones like Sandstones, Jaiselmer Yellow, Bidasar Green.
Product Types- Vases, Bowls, Sculptures, Basins, Panels, Garden and Landscape Decor.


Mother Earth has been benevolent to human kind and has gifted us with many materials that not only satisfy our needs but also fulfill our desires. Humans using their creative abilities have used elements of earth to craft magnificent artworks that are passed over to successive generations. Earthy Desires range celebrates this ability of human kind to create artworks from earthy elements such as various building stones (like sandstones, Jaiselmer Yellow, Bidasar Green). Here, the raw and rustic appeal of these stones is emphasized to bring to life a stunning collection of artwork and interior décor accessories. While the Royal Desires Collection exudes richness and premium style, the Earthy Desires Collection aptly satiates the often rustic requirements of contemporary décor.


This collection includes Interior Décor Accessories (like Flower Vases, Fruit Bowls) & Sculptures made from stone of various texture and colors. The collection also includes accessories with patterns made on stone surface or tile by etching them with hand or machine tools.


The Earthy Desires Collection also employs various design possibilities and stone varieties to create astonishing garden and landscape décor elements like outdoor sculptures, stone tables, garden benches, trellises, pergolas, designer bird bowls, fountains, and extremely interesting flooring options. The Patrons will be spoilt for choice with the endless design options that the garden décor range here offers.


A huge possibility exists to innovatively create unique interior décor elements from a variety of stones by giving them a particular kind of surface finish. These natural materials can then be used to design any element of interior décor (such as beautiful tiles, partition panels, kitchen counters, tables, chairs).