Materiality- Metals and alloys like brass, aluminum and steel with various finishes.
Product Types- Vases, Bowls, Plaques, Sculptures, Table Artwork, Cutlery, Trays.


The softness of marble is contrasted by the hardness and sharpness of metals that form our Eternal Desires range. This line explores the endless possibilities offered by plethora of metals/alloys – brass, aluminum, and steel - that mother earth has bestowed upon us. The flexibility of metals is used very ingeniously to develop astounding forms and shapes that challenge imagination. The diversity of forms with abundance of surface finishes like enameling, plating and buffing together with kaleidoscopic colors bring charm and excitement to young contemporary interiors.


The range, though exquisite in its aesthetics, can be considerably pocket-friendly. The need of every man to make his surroundings beautiful is satiated by this lovely, contemporary and spirited collection. Further, it is easy to maintain this artwork– the pieces are robust and mostly break-free and their finish/shine remain as good as new for years together.



Process that realizes Your Eternal Desires