It takes keen eyes of a creative mind to generate enchanting artwork. However, it needs the business acumen of a very able Business Manager to ensure smooth working of an artwork enterprise. At A.D. Craft Desires, the confluence of these two very desirable skills is visible in the two Directors, Deepak Sardana and Ankita Sardana.



Deepak Sardana

Ph.D. (Business Admin.), M.B.A.

Nationality – Australian & Overseas Indian


Deepak Sardana is the Founder-Director of A.D. Craft Desires Pvt. Ltd. – a business venture he started in 2016. He has a doctorate in Business Administration from the prestigious The Australian National University. Though a gifted business researcher by profession, he has always had a strong inclination towards aesthetic endeavors and is a keen reader of artworks. Deepak has travelled widely across the continents and is a keen admirer of art forms of different regions. It was during these visits that he noticed that handicrafts of several places have reached a level of stagnation, and in some cases extinction! He realized that the zest of ancient revolutionary times where art played a key role in the life of a man – like in Renaissance and Baroque- has vanished now. The desire to rekindle this passion for art among people and also contribute to progress of art began to take root in his heart. This desire was further strengthened by the bond that he shares with Ankita, his life partner- an architect and designer. In 2010, he decided to return to India and focus his energies on Marble, Glass and Metal artworks. These ideas germinated on to become A.D. Craft Desires Pvt. Ltd.


In his current academic capacity he leads research on Indian Business for the Australian Centre of Asian Business at International Graduate School of Business (University of South Australia, Adelaide). Prior to establishing A.D. Craft Desires Pvt. Ltd, Deepak was an academic member of Australian School of Business (ASB) of University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, one of the top-50 Financial Times ranked business schools of the world. Deepak’s business expertise is an invaluable asset for A.D. Craft Desires. His management and organization skills ensure smooth and efficient operations of the enterprise that in turn ensure that our patrons are satisfied, and our mission is honored.


Deepak is an ardent believer of the famous quote by the renowned actress Stella Adler: “Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.”