The offerings of A.D. Craft Desires Pvt. Ltd. can be classified into following four distinct product lines:

Royal Desires

Royal Desires range is the jewel of our collection, and is fabulously hand-crafted from very high quality marbles. Its ‘Angelica’ collection exalts the pristine beauty of the white angelic marble and celebrates stunning forms made from very high quality blemish-free white marbles that are scarce now . This collection also includes artworks that are made of other high grade marble along with white marble.


The ‘Exotica’ collection embraces artifacts enriched with embellishments of delicately inlaid semi-precious stones (e.g. coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise, jasper, jade, carnelian, tiger eye). These stones are worked in intriguing patterns that are innovatively conceived and exhibit distinctive style.


Earthy Desires

Earthy Desires collection complements our Royal Desires Collection. While the latter employs exclusive marbles and semi-precious stones, the Earthy Desires Collection makes stunning use of building stones of various textures and colours like various sandstones, Jaiselmer Yellow, Bidasar Greens, etc. to compose a bold collection of artwork, interior décor accessories and garden décor elements that exude a raw and rustic appeal.


Astral Desires

Astral Desires collection brings out the delicacy and luminosity of glass artwork and interior accessories. Glass of various hues and transparency is worked into mesmerizing art objects using blown glass and cast glass techniques. The versatility of glass and its boundless colour palette amalgamate to produce a collection that boasts of extremely innovative and contemporary art aesthetics.


Eternal Desires

The softness of marble and delicacy of glass is contrasted by the hardness, sharpness and resilience of metals that form this range. The collection explores the endless possibilities offered by flexibility and ductility of metals/alloys (such as, brass, aluminum, steel) which are used very ingeniously to develop astounding forms and shapes that challenge imagination. The diversity of forms with abundance of surface finishes like enameling, plating and buffing together with kaleidoscopic colors bring charm and excitement to young contemporary interiors.