Materiality- Premium Stones like White Makrana Marbles, Italian Marbles, Semi-precious Stones, Mother-of-pearl.
Product Types- Vases, Bowls, Plaques, Sculptures, Table-tops, Basins, Panels.


Royal Desires Collection is an exclusive offering that pronounces symbol of elite taste. This exquisite and opulent range is the jewel of our collection, and is fabulously hand-crafted from very high quality premium marbles (like Makrana White, Italian Marbles including Carrara White), semi-precious stones, and mother-of-pearl. This collection offers our Patrons a variety of premium interior décor accessories (such as, vases, fruit bowls, plaques, trays, and sculptures) and elements (i.e. table tops, wash basins, designer tiles) to choose from. In addition, the collection also includes Pietre Dure panels.


Following are the segments that comprise Royal Desires Collection:

The ‘Exotica’ Collection embraces artifacts enriched with embellishments of delicately inlaid semi-precious stones like coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise, jasper, jade, carnelian, tiger eye and mother-of-pearl. These stones are worked in intriguing patterns that are innovatively conceived and exhibit distinctive style. The collection offers artworks and interior décor accessories like vases, fruit bowls, flower bowls, plaques, etc.


Herein, we use the techniques of inlaying semiprecious stones, called Parchinkari, but with added complexity as our patterns are more realistic and necessitate intensive shading skills. This offers an unforeseen art that is as original as it is exciting.


Parchinkari requires extremely dexterous artisan with high level of patience and concentration. The newness and small size of patterns, together with curved surface of vases present a tough challenge to the artisans. Further, the intrinsic variation in natural materials combined with intuitiveness of each craftsperson delivers each piece that is distinct and unique.




Process that realizes Your Royal Desires