A.D. Craft Desires Pvt. Ltd. is a for-profit organization and we do not make any pretence of it being not the same. Nonetheless, like any good organization, we believe that it is our duty to contribute back to society in whatever capacity we can.


We are contributing directly to the society by means of our unique business model. We are not only helping in keeping alive the culture and some of traditional art forms (such as, pietredure/parchinkari, marble carving, sculpting, casting), but also providing livelihood to artisans, who are struggling to balance their passion for art and making their two ends meet, in today’s world of automation and artificial products.


In addition, we set aside a small portion of our profit earnings for a good cause. Although we are a young organization and always in need of more resources for growth, we have decided not to let this come in our way of doing good to the society. At the end of each financial year, the management team of A.D. Craft Desires Pvt. Ltd. will decide on the donation amount to one or more of social organizations of repute. We believe that following organizations are making an honest attempt to make our society a better place to be: